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各地で受け継がれてきた特別な ”Heirloom(エアルーム)” 種子を販売します。




Taness’ art and Heirloom seeds.

We are going to launch a new project.
You will enjoy beautiful collaborations between our artworks and selected heirloom seeds from around the world.

This project aims to inspire a community network of seed-savers and restore the biological diversity important for the ecological resilience.

LINE Sticker

We created a LINE sticker.

Check this out!

Why not Taness?

Taness began life at the foot of Mount Teine in 2018. Our philosophy was to create timeless pieces that sound something which actually means nothing. Since then, it has been pushing the boundaries of our design. We pride ourselves in our dedication to creativity and boldness. So, why not Taness? Make it happen.

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